How to buy cheap labels - Tip#3: Brokers

So you've got a new product you're rolling out, or you have a new label initiative, and you need 100,000 labels by the end of the month. You could contact a label manufacturer and get a quote. Then contact another manufacturer and get another quote to make sure the first guy is giving you a good deal. However, 100,000 labels isn't huge volume. It may quadruple the volume of labels you're using at the moment, but to a converter it's a small deal. As a result, they're going to treat it like a small deal.

Enter the Label Broker. Brokers typically buy and resell tens of millions to hundreds of millions of labels per year. To a converter, that's big business and they treat it as such.

So, instead of contacting a converter directly, reach out to a broker instead. They'll provide several key advantages:

  1. Unbiased expertise: They're label experts, so they can offer cost saving ideas such as inventory management programs, layout changes (as discussed in Tip#1), and material recommendations that can save you big money right off the bat.
  2. Competitive quotes: Brokers typically work with several converters in your area so they'll know who to call to get the best pricing. Most converters have a specialty. It could be low or free tooling charges, a giant selection of stock labels, or excellent pricing on that special material you're looking for. Brokers will gladly shop around and gather multiple quotes on your behalf, saving you a lot of time and effort.
  3. Volume discounts: Brokers will get much better pricing than you. Even with their markup/commission, the sheer volume of labels they're buying, in most cases, gives them the best possible pricing.

So before you start gathering quotes for your next label project, consider calling a Label Broker. You can contact our label experts for more information on finding a broker.